we believe

that how and what we choose to build and preserve today has a direct, lasting effect on our economy, environment, and generations to come.

A holistic interest and understanding of building shape our collaborative spirit, and work ethic. We are leaders in structural timber, restoration and creativity in problem solving.

A post repair in a family barn or an innovative glulam public space: We share with each of our clients, the desire to cultivate connection and create something that is more.

something more

We bring distinct value & timber-centric support to a project. Support throughout – from the conceptualization stage to the finish.

Strategic Planning
Structural Evaluation
Historic Analysis

Project Management

New Construction
Historic Preservation
Repair, Lifting, Moving
Fabrication, Installation
Reality Capture & Surveying


The effort of building anything, really well, hinges on a dynamic collaboration of individuals. At the core, our relationships with the creative visionaries we’re engaged with cultivate connection + foster growth and stewardship.

The people we serve most often are:

Private Individuals, NGOs + Civic Organizations, Governmental Bodies

Trade Professionals, Technicians, Volunteers

Development Planners
Museum Directors, Project Stewards, Architects, General Contractors, Archaeologists, Anthropologists, Historians, Engineers, Designers, Trade Professionals

Local Caretakers / Administrators
Client Employees, Technicians, Volunteers


Researching and repairing heavy timber buildings teaches us so much about how to construct with both immediate function and longevity in mind. We love learning from 4,000 years of building science, art, and history. There are many inspiring examples of structures in active use throughout the world today that are more than a millennium old. These remaining examples have endured the forces of nature and time. One of the basic things they teach us is, that if maintained, heavy timber is unsurpassed – even by solid masonry – as the one of the most durable, long-lasting building materials known.


They are flexible. More fire, earthquake, and wind resistant than steel, concrete, and masonry buildings; they can also be taken apart, reassembled, repaired and reconfigured with ease. Dynamic buildings that can be reinvented to meet changing needs by successive generations. They are also beautiful, and perform as an environment that resonates with the people that interact inside and around them. More than a functional space, they tend to be valued, and engender themselves within a community.


The most enduring structures are based on a geometry of proportions found all around us in the natural world. From simple vernacular timber frames, to the most magnificent cathedrals and public spaces across the globe, geometric principles were involved in their design and engineering.

These math rules provide an incredibly flexible framework that we love to study & utilize. Learning from what our friends in Europe and Asia know, and from the rich timber history our immigrant ancestors built into the architecture of the US.


We love meeting new friends from around the globe who love timber too–
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