How we help

We are leaders in timber frame construction, historic preservation, and structural repair.

We share an acute awareness that how and what we choose to build and preserve today has a direct and lasting effect on our environment and future generations.

Through this craft, we articulate our reverence for community and place, for the mastery and achievements of artisans throughout history, and for innovation and discovery.

With our clients, we express a reverence for the world that we are preserving and building +
a love and respect for the aesthetic and beauty of wood.

The details of what we do:

Cultivating Connection

What we do

Strategic Planning
Structural Management
Drafting, Design
Lifting, Moving
New Construction
Repair, Restoration
Historic Preservation


The passionate & creative individuals we work work with: 

Private Individuals, NGOs, Civic Organizations, Governmental Bodies, Project Stewards, General Contractors, Architects

Development Planners
Archeologists, Anthropologists, Historians Engineers, Architects, Designers, Trade Professionals

Trade Professionals, Technicians, Volunteers

Local Caretakers/Administrators
Those observing the structure and possibly responsible for daily maintenance

Some of our recent work

The craftsmanship that went into connecting the historic material and new material is beautiful. The crew was also sensitive to preserving any material impacted by the repairs. For example, when the front façade was pushed back into place, they notched out each stud and the door to preserve the maximum amount of flooring and trim. This level of detail is greatly appreciated.

I developed a great relationship with Rick Collins of Mesic Vale and his dedicated tam.  It’s evident they managed to capture my vision in all aspects of my restortation project so far.  I appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach in assisting me in bringing my Historical Farm back to life!

I was convinced immediately when Rick personally stopped by to inspect my barns that I needed to look no further – Rick was the one!  I simply cannot imagine tackling this enormous restoration project without his expertise.

As a structural engineer focusing on timber construction, I have had the pleasure of working with many large and small timber frame companies throughout North and Central America.  I have been, and continue to be, impressed with Mesic Vale on the various projects on which we have worked together; from small residential structures, to large commercial, with restorations and agricultural buildings thrown in between.  Mesic Vale certainly knows their craft of timber framing, and time and time again shows they can repeatedly deliver. 


Interested in seeing how our team may be able to help you? Leave us a message below and someone from our team will reach out to learn more.  

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