smart commercial


Applying smart, streamlined and efficient solutions. 

We use the term ‘Smart Commercial’ to differentiate the commercial work we do from everything else. The majority of commercial work in N.A. is churned out by large companies whose only interest in efficiency, is in their own bottom line. When structural timber is involved, which is a material long forgotten by commercial builders, engineers and architects- very often inefficiency, poor design and engineering choices over-run a project. This comes in part from the misplaced values mentioned above, but also from a lack of professionals’ familiarity and training in the principles and use of timber as a structural material.

In the end- we bring a set of values and training to a commercial structural timber project that is rare in the commercial building industry on our continent. It’s based on smart, streamlined and efficient solution finding. Quality, longevity, beauty, health, environment, community, future impacts and a respect for the client and their vision are all wrapped up in “smart” commercial.


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